Last blog projects before holiday

Finally...I finished all the designs for online cake shop.
Thanks for all my lovely clients..nice to know you ladies :D ..eventhough we've never met personally and even heard your voice ..I enjoyed working with you all..aww!!

First, Dessy in Bontang ( I thought Bontang in Sumatra!)..she wanted a elegant, business-looking blog with animated photos and navigation menu.. The business card is designed as mini brochure.

And..Niken in Jakarta. She wanted a cute weblog with kitchen background.

Last, but not least, client for this month..Vin's Cakes. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw vinscakes email in my inbox.. I mean she's like my idol when it comes to cupcake decoration!!! Seriously! So it's an honor to make-over your blog :)

well..thanks again ladies...

and..I'll be back in for now..ciao!