Amari Online Boutique

Working with one of Amari's founders is so much fun and challenging (yeah, I said "one" 'because I never met & known the partner). Thanks a million Astrid!
The challenging part is how to combine Astrid's "today-ness" taste and her partner's classy - classic.

Makasih ya Tid, udah mempercayakan order ini :) .. order ini menantang banget soalnya harus menggabungkan dua selera sang pemilik butik yang beda, Astrid seleranya yang fanatik biru, cute & funky sedangkan partnernya suka warna natural, tanah dan pink.

This was the earlier designs, Astrid loved it, her partner didn't.
(The logo and ornaments were designed by my bff/colleague/co-worker in 2002, Maya)

So, after few changes and discussions via YM....instead of single page, we decided to make it in six pages.

Setelah bolak-balik diskusi & ACC lewat YM...coba deh diliat penampakannya :)



They both loved the one with texture background.